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" Bringing my ideas to life through crafting, journaling and designing is what makes me happy! "

Who is CoraCreaCrafts?

From aspiring artist to small business owner

Coralie, sole founder of CoraCreaCrafts, first began experimenting with lettering and calligraphy in 2017. After sharing her works on Instagram, Coralie soon stumbled upon a passionate, global community of creators with a shared interest in journaling and paper crafting. Three years on, she opened her shop on a quest to sell unique, vintage-style stationery products. After developing her retail skills and selling products from other stores, Coralie went on to release her first original items. Since then, CoraCreaCrafts has gone from strength-to-strength, now existing as its own unique brand.

CoraCreaCrafts is home to an eclectic range of original products, all of which are carefully curated and obtained through  quality sources.

Flying across the Atlantic

After studying International Hospitality Management in Switzerland, Coralie made a move to London to begin her career in retail. However, a dream of following her passions was far too big to ignore. When Coralie moved to the United States with her supportive other half, she took a big leap into the unknown and started her own business.

I realized I only have one life to live and I didn’t want to spend it working a job that was unfulfilling. I stepped away from the nondescript career path I was on and chose to try to do what I love for a living.”

Distributing to designing

Although she didn’t come from a designer background, Coralie wanted to create products in her own, one-of-a-kind style. She began working with old books, manuscripts and engravings, recoloring and adding details of her own for extra flair. Coralie invested time into learning new skills through specialist design programs – allowing her to design new types of stationery products further down the line.

Designing the Vintage Craft Box

As a loyal stationery subscriber herself, Coralie toyed with the idea of designing monthly crafting supply releases – this is how the Vintage Craft Box was born. Starting her journey with just two loyal customers, she continued building up the presence of these boxes with sneak peaks on social media. In less than a year, Coralie had enough subscribers to start including her own products in the mix.

“The Vintage Craft Box is now close to becoming fully stocked with original CoraCreaCrafts products.”

A curated craft box right on your doorstep

Vintage Craft Box items are created specifically for the subscription. Producing these exclusive products requires a substantial amount of preparation and production time – Coralie plans her themes up to a year in advance.

 Each craft box is themed, and every item carefully selected to compliment its counterparts. In addition to crafting staple pieces, Coralie frequently refreshes her boxes with unique products such as wax seals, perforated notepads, mini sticker books and sticker tin boxes.

Looking to the future

Coralie’s original goal was to provide vintage crafting and journaling supplies to hobbyists like herself. Now, this ambitious creator is taking steps to expand, by distributingCoraCreaCrafts products on a global scale.

In the long run, Coralie plans to open her own distribution channels throughout Europe and South America, ensuring products are more readily available for crafters further afield. She also plans to collaborate with other artists on special lines of products, offering a wider range of supplies within the crafting and art realm.

Meet the team

As CoraCreaCrafts began to turn more heads, it became clear that further support was needed to keep the supply chain moving.

Today, Coralie is supported by a team of 7 women, who all work behind the scenes. Hailey, Raina, Gabby, Grace and Elizabeth are preparing your subscription boxes and orders. Meanwhile, Shannon and Grace M help with customer service, project management and marketing.

In the news

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