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About CoraCreaCrafts

" Bringing my ideas to life through crafting, journaling and designing is what makes me happy! "

How we started It

Our Story

I'm Coralie, a Swiss expat living in Illinois, US, and a passionate crafter.

3 years ago I decided to learn some calligraphy and lettering online and opened an Instagram account shortly after to share some of my work. Instagram is how I discovered journaling and paper crafting, through countless inspiring accounts and a very active community.

I quickly found that I loved to gather and use paper crafting supplies like washi tapes, stickers and stamps, but that the one style I especially liked - this vintage, retro style - was not easy to find. This is how my small shop started, with the idea of sourcing special unique vintage style items on one platform. I also started my own lines of washi tapes, stamps and stickers both for the shop and for my subscription boxes.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me and supporting me in my small business venture!

" My creativity comes when I am in a relaxed state of mind. I get inspired by History.. Ancient Greece and Rome, Medieval times, Renaissance."


Forever Crafter

CoraCreaCrafts is based on a shortened version of my name, Coralie; Crea, as in creativity or "created" in French; Crafts, for my love of crafting
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