#CCCChallenges – The ‘Witchy’ entries!

It’s time to share some amazing submissions of yours. We host a creative challenge for each month’s Vintage Craft Box named the #CCCChallenges. After our shop owner Coralie selects four finalists, it’s up to you, our followers on Instagram to decide who wins the contest. So here are the selected entries that our customers submitted for the April theme, „Folklore and Witchcraft” or as we called it in the hashtag, this was the “Witchy” challenge! 

In this article you will find all four works that made it to the final round in no particular order but with highlighting our winner at the end. You can read Coralie’s opinion about these entries, why she selected them. So let’s see how the #CCCWitchyChallenge ended!

Brandi (@brans_beautiful_pages)

“What caught my attention on these pages is how aged the pages look. Bran recreated the look of a real antique grimoire so well, by aging the pages and created a burnt effect on the edges and on the window in the middle. The window is also a really nice detail as it gives a peek into what lies on the other side. I also liked that she reused various parts of the papers and the text across the pages.”

You can check her original video with all the details of this work here!

Alexandra (@tazzodicreativita)

“This piece is truly unique in my opinion as it differs from the usual paper crafts and journal pages I come across for the challenges. She managed to take paper crafting supplies from this box to the next level by creating an entire wall decor piece. This large piece of fabric was entirely decorated to create a bit of a witchy cabinet. I absolutely love the 3D elements that were added such as the mini bottles. It really makes the whole piece come to life.”

You can check her original video with all the details of this work here!

Diana (@luna.lunera_scrap)

“I love that she created a full journal from scratch around the supplies of the box. The dark cover opens up on thick and uniquely decorated pages and pockets, with potions and spell pages which gives it a real grimoire feel. There was so much work and details that went into this project, it really deserved its place in the finalists.”

You can check her original video with all the details of this work here!

1st place, our winner is: Gracie (@sukisookjournaler)

“Love the huge format of this journal that opens up to a beautifully decorated witch lair, with potions organized on shelves. The result is once again very realistic, with the moss and other small details that make a big difference. Cherry on top is the hidden page that opens up on a beautiful 3D pop-up piece.”

You can check her original video with all the details of this work here!

Congratulations to all the participants and thank you so much for joining our monthly challenge! Stay tuned for the upcoming #CCCChallenge features and don’t forget to join our friendly contest if you have our vintage craft supplies subscription boxes! If not, it’s never too late to join us – you can choose your preferred subscription plan over here!

We are thankful to the creators for providing their photos about their works for us!
Picture of Written by Kitti Varju

Written by Kitti Varju


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  1. Hi my name is Lee. Journaling is a stress relief. I escape. My Mother has Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. She is 85 yrs young. I’m a RN.
    I love meeting new people and look forward to reading year ideas.
    I’m excited to be a member.
    God bless

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#CCCChallenges – The ‘Witchy’ entries!

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