HOW TO… use the Burnt Edges Washi Tape

Welcome to our new series of “How to” articles that will give you ideas and tips about the use of some CoraCreaCrafts products!

After sharing our first article about the clear stamps of the November subscription box (Ancient China), it’s time to move on to the December theme, “Writers & Poets”. From this box we would like to highlight the Burnt Edges washi tape that you can use in a variety of ways. Not sure where to start? Looking for new ideas to try out? Let’s see a small selection from social media thanks to some amazing talents and to our shop owner, Coralie!

1. Show those edges!

Cynthia (@moon_fire_studios) created an incredible folio with lots of secrets to discover in it. She used the Burnt Edges washi tape as decoration (amongst many other items of the December box). We loved the interesting pocket where she used this tape for the edges of the paper, showcasing its deformed, unique pattern. This gave the paper a burned appearance.

Watch the full video here! (this specific idea can be spotted from 8:10)

2.  A trick of the eye!


When seeing Jana’s (@bricolella) journal page, we were wondering how the Burnt Edges washi tape grew in size. Then we quickly realized it was the size of the journal used that tricked our eyes! Even though the tape is not that wide (larger washi tapes are available here), you can use a smaller notebook which will give you the appearance of a larger washi tape. This will give you a beautiful background even for a small surface. 


Check the original post here!

3. Edge to edge

Handwritten letters, fountain pens, coffee stains – an ode to the past. Sasha (@journalbysasha) created an elegant page that she called the “Writer’s Journal”. We absolutely adore the color palette of this vintage collage and we couldn’t be happier to see how well the Burnt Edges washi tape was incorporated. It became the frame of this page and gave the letter in the middle an aged look.

Check the original post here!

4. Wrap it up!


This is a 2-in-1 idea for you from our shop owner, Coralie. If you have plain brown wrapping paper, you can use any kind of stamps on it as decoration (here you can see the “Poet and “Artist clear stamps from the December box). To spice up the look of your package, you can add the Burnt Edges washi tape horizontally, vertically or diagonally just like Coralie. 


Watch the full video here!


5. Be mysterious


Showcasing some products from the December box, you can learn from Coralie how to create two projects using the burnt edge washi tape.


1. Make the edge of your journal special (on the left)

In this example, Coralie used the fold of an existing journal and covered it with the Burnt Edge washi tape. She started by pasting two lengths of the washi tape on cardstock paper and fussy cut on both opposing edges, she then pasted it on the fold to create this unique look.


Watch the full video here!


2. Create a lovely card by yourself (on the right): Fold a paper, cut out a small window on the front (our „Ex Libris” wooden stamp can give you the right shape), add some papers and washi tapes for the edges. Then you can add depth to your front picture by using the Burnt Edges tape. Is that a dark sea motif? Or a literal piece of burnt paper? Even if it’s not the main element of your work, it can provide a pretty background anywhere.


Watch the full video here!

Picture of Written by Kitti Varju

Written by Kitti Varju


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HOW TO… use the Burnt Edges Washi Tape

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