HOW TO… use the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape

Let’s continue with our “How to” article series that will give you ideas and tips on how to use CoraCreaCrafts products!

This time we focus on the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape that was part of our “Enchanted Forest” January subscription box. We came across some wonderful ideas from creators who show us how you can use this washi tape design. Take a look!

1. Cover a box

Susana (@suchi_journalive)
made another creation that is bursting with creativity. We were impressed with how Susana upcycled a small box containing her Enchanted Forest products. She covered it with the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape and decorated the box inside and out with stickers from the Enchanted Forest Sticker Book and the Enchanted Forest Washi Tape. This creates a nicely decorated storage box for anything you want!

Check the original post here!

2. Punch that!

Daisie (@scrapbooker.asmr)
created a stunning window spread. With the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape she had a clever idea: she used a puncher with different motives to have shaped papers with that design. We especially loved the flower ones: as seen in her video below, she layered cutouts and decorated them with gems so that she could create more realistic floral decorations. The result is really enchanting with all of the flowers around the window and our fairy behind it.

Check the original post here!

3. Framed background

Clarence (@scrap_n_love)
shows us how we can reuse anything for collages and other creative projects. What we really loved about her spread is that even our “thank you” card was used for making something magical. She cut the frame of that card and the fairy paper and added those to her work. The Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape was cleverly used as a background material behind the frame.

Check the original post here!

4. Cutting on the edges

Ana (@dream.n.journal) made a beautiful hanging art she calls “A window to the land of the fairies.” She used the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape on a paper as her solid base. Then she added a paper frame and cut the edges. She did the same with the washi, allowing the floral pattern to comes alive with the way it was cut. A transparent background, the fairy and many butterflies from the Enchanted Forest Sticker Book complete this mesmerizing work.

Check the original post here!

5. Framing & scraps

Brandi (@brans_beautiful_pages)
created a complex, multi-page spread with many elements of the “Enchanted Forest” box. It’s even interactive as you are able to move a page. She used the foil washi tape on the edges and as scraps for details. They are surrounded by pop up paper cutouts (from our paper bundle in the subscription box) and painted Enchanted Forest Clear Stamp windows, owls and moths with “guests” from the matching sticker book.

Check the original post here!

We are thankful to the creators for providing their photos about their creations for us!
Picture of Written by Kitti Varju

Written by Kitti Varju


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HOW TO… use the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape

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