Meet Our Customer – Brandi

We are happy to introduce a new type of article for you in our Unboxings & Customers section of the Inspiration Nook: the customer interview! The first creator we chose was Brandi (@brans_beautiful_pages) who has been a loyal CoraCreaCrafts supporter for more than a year. Now we would like to introduce her through her way of getting into crafting and finding our products, also to give you inspiration through Brandi‘s wonderful spreads!

Please, introduce yourself for us!

Hello, my name is Brandi. As a mom (35 years young), business owner, dog mom and soon to be wife, I stay super busy. I have found journaling, crafting, writing and planning have always brought me comfort and a sense that not everything has to be perfect. I am a professional organizer, so making everything perfect is something I strive to do… I don’t think being a Capricorn helps!

I find writing out my life and documenting my experiences helps keeping me in the moment while expanding my perspective.

Could you share your story with crafting? How did you get into this hobby?

I started my crafting journey again about a year ago, January 2022. When I was 10 till 23-ish I made photo scrapbooks. I gave it up to teach myself how to knit, crochet, make bread and try to teach myself other “lost arts”. When I was about 24 I switched my hobby to jewelry making. I would search for antique beads and stones to make my version of Mesopotamian jewelry. I feel in love with the use of lapis and coral, I used these to make many pieces. This is a hobby I would love to get back into. When I was in my late 20’s, early 30’s I realized both of my grandmothers had beautiful handwriting. I really wanted to learn this and teach my kids. When I was not practicing writing I would take scraps of paper and other random ephemera I could find and started making collages. This type of art brought me to this wonderful community of artists.

What is your ideal crafting environment?

My ideal crafting environment would be in my office that I have intentionally created for writing, journaling and scrapbooking. After I take kids to the bus stop I will have a cup of coffee and input the week’s tasks in to my planner. In the evenings I find myself often in bed next to my fiancé, with tray desk, glass of wine and Naked and Afraid on the TV. This is when I feel I am most relaxed and feel less pressured to make the art perfect.

Besides making collages and calligraphy do you experiment in any other crafting fields?

I have experimented in the art of knitting. I very much enjoy making Nordic pattern socks that has at least two colors. I have found that it takes me about a day to knit a woman size sock and about three to make one single sock for male. It did take little bit of trial and error but

with mistakes you do learn to be creative and just keeping going to see the finished product. Usually the mistakes are the best part of the piece.

How do you see, what did finding this hobby, crafting bring to your life? What does it mean for you to create? How did it „affect” you as a person or your mental health?

Crafting and journaling has brought such a joy to my life. I have never been the one to use my phone calendar or type out blogs.

So being able to write with antique or new instruments and finding a way to pass on my cherished memories to my kids or other family members without the fear of my ideas or events being wiped away brings me so much peace.

The best thing it has brought to my life is the relationship between my kids, nieces, nephews and other family members. They love coming over to make cards, write letters or learn about something new. It has been amazing to know I can make such a positive impact.

How did you discover CoraCreaCrafts?

I discovered CoraCreaCrafts a few months into my new hobby of crafting and writing in March of 2022 while scrolling through Instagram. I fell in love with the craft boxes and stamps, they where so unique and made of high quality materials. With the supplies I received from my first order I found a huge spark of creativity and began my journey.

What caught your eyes from our store that you wanted to order first? And what did you order in your first package?

The first package I ordered contained the Roman Architecture Clear Stamps, the Vintage Map Washi Tape, the Victorian Gothic Ladies Washi Tape and stickers. My first project with these supplies was repurposing the boxes they arrived in into something new.

What made you become one of our regular customers?

I shop regularly at CoraCreaCrafts, I love expanding my imagination and allowing myself to be creative. I really love that this company and Coralie take the time to research and design their own products.

They have found ways to big pieces of the past to the present while keeping the essence and making it fit modern life. The style and unique items will always keep me coming back.

Which are your most used and/or favourite CoraCreaCrafts items?

My most used item is the Ephemera Pouch. It has so many useful options from carrying inks, stamp blocks and stamps to holding ephemera cards, papers and scraps. I have a small collection of them, two black and one rose gold. Some of my other favorite products are the multicolor Vintage Leather Journal, the Art Deco Gold Washi Tape and the Enchanted Forest Foil Washi Tape.

How would you recommend us for others who don’t know our small business?

I absolutely love this company, the people who help and assist are phenomenal. They are always willing to help with any technical, product or shipping issues. I recommend this craft store to anyone who is wanting to get started in crafting or has already begun but has yet to find this unique store.

Thank you Brandi for doing this interview with us and for providing images about your works!
Picture of Written by Kitti Varju

Written by Kitti Varju


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2 thoughts on “Meet Our Customer – Brandi”

  1. Your work is gorgeous and our paths are somewhat similar. I wish I could learn to have pretty handwriting but I’m a very shaky person and that’s not in my cards but I love to see others with that talent. Your story is inspiring to keep working at the new craft form I have started of art journaling, I too spent a long time picture scrapbooking, making jewelry, and other crafts and just got back into crafting…though for me it has only been a few months. I love that this is not just a place to buy things for my crafts but also a community of similar minded people helping each other bring more beauty into the world. Thank you for your inspiring interview.

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Meet Our Customer – Brandi

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