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Welcome to CoraCreaCrafts’ Clearance section.

Shop our best deals for stamps, stickers, papers and more In this section. There is usually only one of each item available for purchase, but if you miss it, the product is generally also available in the general section of the shop.

What is part of the clearance items?
1. Items which have been used to take photos: for example, for stamps, this would mean there may be marks of ink
2. Items which have been opened but were not used: for example, this could be a product coming without its original packaging
3. Items which have small defaults: this could mean the item color is slightly different, or in the case of stickers, the cut is slightly off
4. Items with a missing part, but which still can be used: for example, this could be a clear stamp sheet with several stamps, and one of these stamps is missing
5. Items which are being cleared to make space for other products

These items are non returnable and do not qualify for additional discounts

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